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Do you have something to write about? Always wanted to start a blog or give advice about a particular subject?



Then BPCSU want to hear from you!!





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What can I write about?



You can write about pretty much anything you want.



If you have a hobby you want to tell us about, maybe photoshop or photography or knitting.

If you have knowledge about a topic you want to share, green issues, the environment or politics.

Are you an international or homestay student who have a different culture tell us about it.

Do you have something your passion about? Write a blog.

Whatever you want to write about we can help you take the first steps. You will get full credit for your writing.





What is the process?


The process is simple

  • Contact BPCSU and let us know what you are going to write about.
  • Write your blog adding in any pictures you want. 
  • Send it to BPCSU.
  • We will review it and then publish it on the Advice Section of the website.

Have a go you might just like it! 






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