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What is Our Voice, Our College?
Our Voice Our College covers everything that lets our students have a voice. This can include the Our Voice, Our College Weeks, Focus Groups or Annual Conference. It also covers anything that BPCSU sends out to get student's opinions, surveys, questionnaires or even polls. If it is asking you as a student for your view, it will be covered under Our Voice, Our College.




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Our Voice, Our College weeks is four set weeks throughout the academic year, dedicated purely for you as a student to give your views on student experience.


SU Team


BPCSU have developed the new system to attempt to make the process of feedback more relevant to you. These sessions will be predominately delivered by Personal Development Tutors (PDTs) and where there is no PDT, the session will be delivered by academic staff in order to ensure that you are given the opportunity to share your own views. There is an interactive 45-minute session that has been delivered and within this, you are given the opportunity to give feedback in small groups and individually. The cross-college topics and themes will then be taken forward by BPCSU, through college wide student led focus groups. 


Due to COVID-19 Our latest OVOC weeks have been carried out online, we have given students the opportunity to give their feedback through surveys!


The upcoming week is:


26th of April 2021






This is an annual event in order for students to be able to give feedback on The College. Students had the opportunity to discuss their experience at The College, with the relevant members of staff. This year we had held the conference completley online! The conference was hosted on Microsoft Teams, with polls, live sessions, and many ways to get your feedback.


The Student First website received over 1,700 views, compared to just over 450 the week before
The polls on the Teams channels received over 700 responses
Our YouTube channel gained over 350 views
Our social media channels received over 735 hits throughout the week





The Conference included 5 live sessions from:


Careers, Advice and Guidance
Student Support
Teaching and Learning
Learning Support


 The feedback from these sessions has been turned into an action plan for us to work on, to further improve our students’ experience at the College.


We had the privilege of organising a session with the NUS President and Vice President of Further Education, who discussed the work of NUS and their latest campaigns. There were also many opportunities for students to give us their feedback, by participating in the polls on each Teams channel throughout the Conference.





Focus Groups



Our Voice, Our College focus groups are created student support the Head of Student Support would facilitate. This means that students get to meet and discuss the issues they have, with the staff that can implement the changes directly.


Focus Group


Why do we hold Focus Groups?


We found that during the Our Voice, Our College weeks, there was not enough time to dive down into issues concerning students, so we decided that by holding these focus groups, we could take some time to discuss the issues not only with other members of staff but also with students. BPCSU want to make changes and this process allows students and staff to work together to implement this through an action plan, that will be shared and updated at regular intervals to show progress. 



How do I get involved with BPCSU focus groups?


There are a variety of ways to get involved with focus groups. These are listed below:


BPCSU will tell students about focus groups in a variety of ways


Through your PDT session on the Newsletter


Through Social Media channels


Through the Student First website



All you have to do is message us or tell your PDT, who will then inform us.

BPCSU will also set up an event for each focus group through Student First, where you can book yourself onto this session and find out all the information you need.



Who can attend a focus group?


Any student at The College can attend any of the Our Voice, Our College focus groups. Just come along and have your say on the subject being discussed. The more students we have, the better the action plan that is created in order to implement the changes that students need and want. What



What happens after I attend?


During the focus group meetings, students and staff will create what we call an action plan. This will contain two short term actions, two medium term actions and one long-term action. These actions will be monitored and tracked by BPCSU and will be made available to students to review. 

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