Below are a list of dates of the Senior Executive Election process that took place this year.

29th March 2018 – Senior Exec Nominations close

16th April 2018 – Manifestos in and Campaigning starts

23rd April 2018 – Senior Exec Voting begins

4th May 2018 – Senior Exec Voting closes

Voting is NOW CLOSED!

There were a variety of key positions up for grabs. Hundreds of students voted online and in paper ballot form for their 2018/19 SU President, as well as Vice-Presidents of Communications, Finance and Development, Further Education, Equality and Welfare, Entertainment, Volunteering and LGBT!

All of these positions make massive contributions to shaping your student experience as well as laying positive foundations for the future!

The winners of the 2018/19 election were as follows:

President – Tom Collins

Vice President of Communications – Aaron Collins

Vice President Further Education – Jake Brown

Vice President of Equality and Welfare – Kat Slater

Vice President of Entertainment – Joel Harris

Vice President of Volunteering – Harriet Hamilton

Vice President of LGBT+ – Tj Knight

To find out more about all of the candidates that ran for election simply click on the ‘BPCSU Election Candidate Information’ document attached to this page.

Voting will open for Student Executive Officer positions in September!