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Our Voice:


The voice section of Student First is dedicated to everything around your voice or representation at the college. Here you can find information on Our Voice, Our College events, running for an ambassador or student president, submitting or having a say at The College, and much more!




Our Opportunities:


The Opportunities section of Student First is dedicated to everything that students can get involved with at The College. This could be events and trips, social resposibility days, student discounts, and so much more!




Our Advice:


The Advice section of Student First is dedicated to providing support and information for students. Here you can find information on support services (such as mental and physical health), international students advice, advice blogs, and more.




Our Union:


The Union section of the website is dedicated to letting students know what we do and how we do it, there is a range of pages that will allow you to understand and learn more about us. You can also find how to contact BPCSU under Our Union.



Other Information




Student Support





All students have a fundamental right to be protected from harm. Students cannot learn effectively unless they feel safe.


If you are someone else is at immediate or imminent risk of harm during College hours, call the safeguarding term:


Lansdowne and Apprentices: 07774 974781

North Road and Fulcrum: 07714 851103





The Student Wellbeing Team are trained to assist with a wide range of issues including substance misuse, housing, exploitation, finance, domestic abuse and radicalisation.


It is easy for students to access Wellbeing Support



By phone: 01202 205576





Student Finance Officers can support students in applying for financial support through the college. This could be related to travel costs, to course fees, to equipment costs, or any other costs associated with attending college. 


Student Finance Officers: Lynn Weaver, Julie Finch


Phone: 01202 205660



Learning Support


The team can help with anything from exam preparation and managing your workload through to getting to grips with the modern technology you need for your studies. They can also help with basic English or maths, even if it is not a required part of your course.


Phone: 01202 205359 / 205956


Visit: Room 122, North Road, Poole or Room 91-94, Lansdowne, Bournemouth





The Student Health Team can assist students in accessing appropriate support when health becomes an obstacle to learning.



By phone: 01202 2055242


Sexual Health:

Student Health Officer: Amy Kizildagli



Advice and Guidance


Expert careers advice and guidance

We will take the time to understand your ambitions, qualifications and skills to help you achieve your goals.


Appointments to see a Careers Adviser can be made by dropping in to The Link

By phone: 01202 205312




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