Important Dates


Bournemouth & Poole 2019/2020 Academic calendar


Monday 26th Bank Holiday

Tuesday 27th Enrolment FE


Monday 9th Start of term/induction

Monday 9th Launch of Student Executives nominations

Monday 9th Launch of Ambassodor nominations

Tuesday 10th North Road Freshers’ Fayre

Thursday 12th Lansdown Freshers’ Fayre

Wednesday 18th Student Exec Meeting

Monday 23rd HE enrolment/induction

Monday 23rd Start of HE term

Monday 23rd Start of clubs & Societies

Thursday 26th Open Event

Friday 27th ALL nominations close


Tuesday 15th Social Responsibility Day

Wednesday 16th Student Exec Meeting

Friday 18th Deadline for all nominations

Monday 21st Our Voice, Our College

Monday 28th Half term/HE reading week

TBC BPCSU Thorpe Park trip


Student Summit

Wednesday 6th Student Summit

Tuesday 12th Open Event

Wednesday 20th Student Exec Meeting

TBC  BPCSU Football Tournament


Monday 9th Our Voice, Our College

Wednesday 18th Student Exec Meeting

Friday 20th End of term

Monday 23rd College closes at 5pm


Thursday 2nd College opens

Monday 6th Start of term

Monday 6th Launch of senior elections

Wednesday 8th Student summit

Wednesday 15th Student Exec Meeting

TBC Lansdown Re-Fresher’s Fayre

TBC North Road Re-Freshers’ Fayre


Monday 10th  Our voice our College

Wednesday 12th Student Exec meeting

Friday 14th Nominations close for Summer

Monday 17th Half term/He reading week

TBC Longleat

TBC BPCSU 50th Formal event

TBC Charity football tournament


Monday 9th Our voice our college conference

Tuesday 17th Open Event

Wednesday 18th Student Exec Meeting

Monday 30th End of Term


Wednesday 15th Student Exec meeting

Monday 20th Start of term

Wednesday 22nd Student summit


Friday 8th Bank Holiday

Thursday 14th Social responsibility day

Monday 18th Our voice our college

Wednesday 20th Student Exec meeting

Monday 25th Bank Holiday

Monday 25th Half term/HE reading week


Thursday 11th Open event

Friday 12th End of HE term

Wednesday 17th Student Exec meeting

TBC BPCSU 50th Student Party


Thursday 2nd End of FE term

There are no upcoming events at this time.