What is TOTUM?

NUS extra cards have saved students literally hundreds of pounds over the years since launch.  However NUS are always looking for ways to keep their product fresh and relevant, using our unique and long-term relationship with students’ unions as the foundation for evolution. TOTUM is the way NUS will do this.

By introducing an app that compliments the current card, TOTUM will become an integral part in student life.

For those that haven’t heard about TOTUM, here’s a quick download…

TOTUM is a Latin term meaning ‘all’ – which is basically what NUS want to achieve: An all-encompassing app that connects students with every-day student life.  It won’t just be a discount card; it will be the one-stop-shop for everything going on in the student world.

How do the TOTUM app and card work? 
Students can download the app for free, but to get the most out of TOTUM, you’ll need to purchase the card. The integration of the two products will allow you to access exciting discounts and local deals and provides proof of ID. Over the next twelve months, TOTUM will also launch new payment and financial features, making TOTUM integral to student life.

What discounts can I get with TOTUM?

TOTUM, the new name for the NUS extra card, brings you over 200 UK student discounts ranging from Amazon to Zavvi and comes with 1-year FREE International Student Identity Card unlocking over 42,000 international discounts.

1, 2 or 3-Year Cards available online or from The Hub

Choose from a 1-year card for just £12, a 2-year card for £22 or a 3-year card for only £32. Many discounts are online only so you can’t get them without your TOTUM card.

Over 200 UK discounts on the brands you love.

TOTUM has the best student discounts around that you can use online and in store. Top brands include:

  • 10% off at the Co-op
  • 10% off ASOS
  • 25% off Odeon student priced tickets
  •  Up to 40% off at Las Iguanas
  •  42,000 International Discount

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