Meet the Staff @ Your BPCSU!

Fontayne Fernay-Debrett

Hi I’m Fontayne!
I’m the Students’ Union Events & Marketing Coordinator. I organise all the trips, events and volunteering projects within the SU. I also work with local and national companies to bring income to the SU to help improve facilities and services for you around The College.
We at BPCSU work to provide students with a voice at the college and aim to put on fun and engaging activities for all students to enjoy.
I’ve worked for the Students’ Union for over 6 years so if you have any questions then I should be able to help.
You can find me in The Hub at Lansdowne, room 506.

Chelsea Preston

Hi I’m Chelsea.
I’m the Student Support Officer for Student Voice and The Hub. I ensure that you as students are fairly represented at The College through Student Reps, Student Ambassadors and the BPCSU Executive Committee. I am also responsible for running The Hub at North Road.
I work closely with other members of the SU Team to help organise trips and events as well as volunteering opportunities.
I have been with the College since September but I hope I can continue to help you all for a long time!
You can find me in The Hub at North Road, room 49.

Sam Brown

Hi my name is Sam Brown  and I am the College sport maker, my role is to link the college with community sport opportunities in order to widen the sports/physical activity offer to students to participate, for fun, social, health, fitness and competitive reasons.

If you’re looking to get involved with sports at The College feel free to visit the Sports section of the website for all the latest information on what’s being run at The College. If you ever need to talk to me I am also based in The Hub, room 506 at Lansdowne.