At last week’s Student Feedback Conference we launched our recruitment campaign for our two Student Board Members for the next academic year – information and the nomination form is attached at the bottom of the page, and copies will be available from The Link at NR and Lansdowne, and the Cafeteria at the Fulcrum. 
This is a great opportunity for students returning next year to become involved in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of The College in meeting the needs of its students, employers and local communities – and it looks great on their CVs! 
Active engagement and attendance at meetings is an important aspect of the duties of all Board Members – a minimum of 75% attendance is expected (although students’ study commitments will, of course, always come first).  There are 8 full Board meetings per year (including 2 whole-day strategic meetings).  Meetings take place approx. every 6 weeks, on a Thursday.  Normal business meetings take place in the late afternoon (16.00 – 19.30) and Members must set aside some time prior to each meeting to read the papers which are despatched one week before the meeting.  For Student Board Members, this will also involve a short preparatory meeting with the Clerk during the week before the Board meeting.  They will be required to talk to the Board 3 or 4 times a year about feedback from the termly Student Forums and the annual Student Feedback Conference.  On average, a Student Member may spend the equivalent of about one day a month on Board business.
It is important to be clear that a student governor should not be considered as a student representative.  Their role is to bring first-hand insight to the Board on the experience of being a student.
If you know a current student who is returning next year and you think would make a good Student Board Member, please encourage them to apply, or to contact me for a chat about the role.  To ensure commitment, applicants must be nominated by the Director of Learning, seconded by their Tutor, and sponsored by 6 of their peers.  Applications must be accompanied by a supporting statement from the Tutor.  Closing date for applications is Thursday 4 May 2017.  Interviews will be arranged before the end of Summer Term.