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The Vice President of Student Voice is the lead officer that ensures that all students have a voice across the College. They will oversee the Our Voice, Our College systems and make sure that BPCSU work with The College and make the changes appropriately, timely and effectively according to action plans created after Our Voice, Our College bespoke HE events, Focus Groups and any other way BPCSU have gathered student feedback.



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Rimshah Khan

Vice President Student Voice




Hi everyone, I am a software developer apprentice at the College and I have been elected as Vice President Student Voice. I look forward to representing each and every one of you.

Through attending meetings with other college representatives and sharing ideas, I will be actively involved to ensure we meet our shared goals. I will support the SU team to take on initiatives and causes, including those relating to social responsibility.

I believe that existing missions should meet students’ needs and will take on board students’ feedback for implementing new activities or groups. I will achieve this by ensuring that I am approachable and an engaging representative for students.

Most importantly, I believe that communication and feedback are key and I will ensure that we continue to close the feedback loop by keeping you informed about the work we do.

I am excited to represent you and hope that we can continue to make the college a better place.


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