We all need someone to talk to, to offer support and guidance throughout our lives. A healthy relationship should be equal and consist of trust, respect, honesty, equality and communication. It is important to remember that a healthy relationship consists of everyone being themselves and not changing their identity to fit in with the crowd.


If you feel you are finding it difficult to form healthy relationships, the Wellbeing team at The College can offer advice and guidance. It is important to remember that a healthy relationship consists of each person being “who they are” and not changing their looks, hobbies or beliefs to fit in with others.



Relationships Toolkit




We’re the UK’s largest provider of relationship support, and every year we help over a million people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations to strengthen their relationships. Our services include relationship counselling for individuals and couples, family counselling, mediation, children and young people’s counselling and sex therapy. We also provide friendly and informal workshops for people at important stages in their relationships.



Live chat and email support online



03001 001234



Over The Rainbow


Our counselling service is also available for you to discuss problems in a safe, confidential space with a qualified, professional counsellor, helping you to see things from a different perspective, think and act more productively and feel more confident in yourself. We work closely with local drug and alcohol agencies if you feel you need a referral to a specialist service.

We would like to empower and support you to take care of yourself as a whole, to educate you and provide easy access to condoms and lube, reducing the risk of catching a sexually transmitted infection. We’re here to provide advice, support and information for a healthier community.



Family Lives


As well as our core family support services offered through our helpline, and online chat, we also work in many different areas offering tailored support around issues such as bullying, special educational needs, and support for specific communities. We are one of the first organisations to be awarded a new HSSF quality mark for our work in helping support separated families. This will help parents access a range of support to help them during this challenging time.



08088 002222






If you want to try a talking therapy, ask your GP. They will know what’s available locally and can help you decide which treatment is best for you. Lots of GP surgeries provide counselling or therapy services on the NHS.

If counselling or therapy isn’t available at the surgery, your GP may refer you to a local psychological therapies service. You may also be able to self-refer for counselling or therapy. This means you contact the psychological therapies service directly yourself. You may want to discuss it with your GP first.


nhs.uk - addictionhome
Help available through GP.





Offenders’ Families Helpline


The National Offenders’ Families Helpline can support you if a family member is in contact with the criminal justice system. We provide advice and information on all aspects from what happens on arrest, visiting a prison to preparing for release. We support families in England and Wales.



0808 808 2003




SPACE Youth Project


We support Dorset’s youth who are or may be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or anything in between.To empower all young people to have positive self-esteem and confidence, to give realisation they are supported, to give them a sense that they are part of a community and never alone, the freedom of expression and opportunity for association. We overcome and help with integration, address issues caused or intensified by prejudice and give full access to support and public services.








Childline is here to help anyone under 19 in the UK with any issue they’re going through.

Whether it’s something big or small, our trained counsellors are here to support you. Childline is free, confidential and available any time, day or night. You can talk to us.