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BPCSU understands that Green Impact is important to our students and the environment because of this, we campaign for change in order for The College to reduce its carbon footprint. We are always actively looking for ways to make the College more greener, such as our Green Impact campaigns, but we need your help to make this happen!



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You may not know this about the College but...



Less than 1% of the waste produced at the College goes to landfill. Even though all waste is thrown into the same bin, it is sorted externally and 99% is recycled or disposed of sustainably. 



In the last 3 years, the number of A4 sheets of paper that were printed at the College reduced by 36.35% from 4.4 million sheets to 2.8 million sheets 






BPCSU Sustainability SMART Plan 2020


Click here to view the BPCSU SMART Sustainability Plan 2020






Sustainability Survey



650 of you took part in our sustainability survey this year!



74.31% of you said that sustainability is important to you


23.23% of you said that you recognise the importance of sustainability


As a result, BPCSU will continue to work with the College to improve sustainability at the BPC and to create future projects and events to raise awareness and to make positive changes across the campuses.






Beryl x the College



We've formed a partnership with Beryl, the leading bike-hire providers in the BCP area, with an aim to bring greater cycling opportunities to students and staff at the College. 🚴‍♂️

The partnership will include:



 🚲 Free minute vouchers on Beryl bikes for BPC students and staff


🚲 Attendance at campus events and physical and online sessions


🚲 Cycling and e-scooter safety training


🚲 Group rides led and supported by Beryl


🚲 Assistance and attendance during off-site events







Single Use Materials Campaign




In 2019/20 BPCSU started the single use materials campaign, which was launched by the BPCSU President at our Annual Our Voice, Our College Conference. This campaign started with an idea that The College could change in order to reduce its carbon footprint. In one-year BPCSU managed to work with The College to create positive change and the results are below:






Impact so far



The canteen now only serves carboard take away containers instead of polystyrene. The canteen now give a larger discount to students and staff who bring their own reusable coffee cup to buy hot drinks.
Using reusable water bottles is now encouraged and there will be a phased removal of single use water cups from water fountains. The canteen will now be providing non plastic straws.
BPCSU gave away 250 free water bottles and reusable coffee cups to students. BPCSU decided to create the Green Impact Committee for 2020/21BPCSU will be working with MITS to change all College internet search engines to who plant trees when you search.






This campaign is the most successful student led campaign to date for BPCSU, and we are not finished yet. If you have any ideas on how to reduce single use materials at The College or you want to volunteer on the new Green Impact Committee, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a member of the BPCSU team will be in contact. 





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